How to make the most of your Job Fair experience!

Mark Your Calendar

Mark your calendar and carve out a couple of hours to invest in your future. Walk through the Career Fair and visit with dozens of employers, human resource representatives, hiring managers and company executives; the people who are ready to make a decision that can change your future.
  • Dress Professionally
  • Bring Plenty of Resumes
  • Be Ready to Network With Other Professionals
  • Come With Your Best Handshake and A Smile
  • Explore All of Your Options
Check out our 2009 Career Fair Calendar for events across Texas. FREE Admission! FREE Parking!


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When you Pre-Register for this event:

This allows us to be better prepared to help you, the jobseeker.    Select an event to attend and get a free VIP Pass. A VIP Pass will allow you to bypass the registration process at the door, and get you in faster to meet with your future employer. It is a permanent pass and will allow you access to any other career fairs across Texas.

In addition, we'll send you a reminder for this upcoming event, and let you know about other events, job search aids and information to help you in your search.

Post your resume now, and put it in the hands of employers prior to the fair.  Help employers get to know you, before they ever meet you!

Whether you are looking for a new job, a new career, a change of scenery, or just a new direction for your life or career, American Career Fairs can help you explore the endless possibilities and opportunities available to you. Come and join us... "there's someone inside who's been looking for you!" 


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