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American Career Fairs

Career Fair Success Lies in Effective Preparation and Communication

What is a Career Fair, and why should I attend?

Meet employer representatives and recruiters face-to-face! Top employers are together in one place at an American Career Fair event and available to recruit, screen and even HIRE qualified candidates on the spot... and you can be one of them! Employers attending one of our events will range from Fortune 500 companies to the some of the nation's fastest growing local businesses! Positions may be available in Outside and Inside Sales, Retail Sales and Management, Computer and Information Technology, Medical and Health, Banking and Finance, Customer Service and Call Center, Entry, Mid and Senior Level Management, Government, Administration, and many more!

If you are looking for a new job, a career fair (or job fair; the terms are usually used interchangeably) is a great option to use in your search. Attending a career fair allows you to meet with employers at a convenient location, usually a large hotel or conference center. Attending our career fairs will give you the chance to one-stop shop with a variety of companies in a short period of time. Each Human Resource representative or recruiter will provide information about general career opportunities with their company as well as specific details on current openings.

Its your choice. Spend your weekdays driving around to employers and faxing resumes, spend your weekends browsing the want-ads or visit us at one of our career fairs for a few hours, and meet dozens of recruiters on the spot!



♦ Dress Professionally - Handle this as you would a regular interview.

♦ Wear comfortable shoes - Lines are frequently long and you should expect to wait, especially for some of the more popular companies or positions.

♦ Resumes - Bring at least 20 copies of your resume to hand out to companies. Employers only look at resumes an average of 10 seconds. Make sure yours is leaving employers with the Hire Me! impression.

♦ Take a portfolio/briefcase to hold resumes and corporate literature.

♦ Arrive with a positive attitude. Prepare a "30-second commercial" - Think about your strong points, your goals, the company and where you want to go within the company.

♦ Arrive early - Plan on extra time for checking in.


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  Making the Most of Your Career Fair Experience

♦ Research the employers you want to visit; learn about them, the positions they're looking to fill, and what type of candidates they are looking for. The more you know about a company, the more you can converse with the company representative and the more memorable you will be.

♦ Be ready to ask intelligent questions like asking how your skills might be utilized within the framework of the company. Make sure to ask the recruiter what he or she likes best about their corporate culture, to better assess if that company is right for you.

♦ Be prepared to discuss where you want to work geographically (locally, New York, anywhere), what you like doing, what youre looking for in a job, what your most relevant skills are.

♦ The lines might be long or slow, but don't fail to maximize this opportunity. Talk with every company that seems to fit your experience and ambitions. If you meet with 20 recruiters, at the end of the day you will know 20 people by name; and they will know yours!

♦ Get the interviewer's business card. If you are called for an interview, you will want to follow up with a letter that reinforces the points you made and the facts you learned.

♦ Network - While you are waiting in line, talk to others. You may hear about opportunities that you were unaware.

♦ Be assertive and show initiative - shake hands and introduce yourself to recruiters when you reach their table. Dont make them come to you.

♦ Be enthusiastic. Smile and project interest in the company.

♦ There will be many applicants approaching employers at the same time you are. Keep a positive attitude and concentrate on the benefits of the experience.

♦ Explore all of your options. A wide variety of companies will be participating. This is an excellent opportunity to browse and indulge your curiosity.


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